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Oh Jack, you are so loved.

None of my other posts were written over multiple days at 3am.  And certainly not hooked up to a breastmilk pump.

My life has changed quite a bit in the last three weeks.....I became a mom!  In going from "Sick Nora" to "Mor Nora" I went from sleeping 11-12 hours straight a night (not including daytime naps!) to 4-6 non-consecutive hours a night.   I went from spending most of my day thinking about how I could improve my health to spending most of my day thinking about how to care for a small human on decidedly less sleep.  I think I must have magical mother superpowers to have made this shift happen without hitting a wall.  Who am I kidding?  It wouldn't be possible without all the support from Anders, our family and friends.

I continue looking at little Jack in amazement that just three weeks ago he was inside of me.  Those little toes that I can now hold in my hand are the same ones that I felt kicking the top of my stomach.  Those little lips are the same …

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